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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When Yoga Becomes REAL Life

I know I am not regular on my blog. I am not a writer, an author, a well known yogini, or a super star instagramer. I am just a wife who loves her husband, soon to be mama, dog lover, first born daughter, over bearing sister, yoga practitioner, meditator, nature enthusiast, and someone who may seem a bit more relatable as you read on. I do this for fun and as an attempt to spread love, truth and happiness to all those to read it. I do not write for fame or recognition. I write because, well I can. And, if I can touch just one person through my words, then I am doing my job as a human being.

I have been browsing a few articles lately arguing that the practice of yoga is bad, wrong or sinful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion which is the beautiful thing about living in America. Saying that, I did not like the content of these articles. My egotistical side came out while reading through them. I was refuting each argument with a well supported response ( in my mind of course) and felt the sensations of revenge, anger or spite begin to boil within me. How could these people speak so poorly about a practice that is so dear to my heart?

As that moment, I realized, this is when the practice of yoga truly begins. In moments of human weakness such as anger, this is the moment that I need to be applying the practice of yoga. Ahimsa, the sanskrit word meaning non-violence or compassion, in both a physical and mental form. Ahimsa, one of the Yamas (constraints) of Ashtanga Yoga. Yes, these words may seem foreign to many and can be a reason why many people are scared off by yoga at times. And, just because they are foreign to you, does not take away from the meaning of the words. Ahimsa means non-violence or compassion towards others and one's self. And in my moment of anger while reading these articles, I began to truly practice Ahimsa.

To bring compassion or non violence toward a person or group of people who are saying words that are intended to hurt, is true human kindness. There are so many reasons others preach hate, and there is one reason for us to practice Ahimsa, to continually spread love. Now, I know this practice is not easy. Heck, I am still struggling with giving compassion to those to choose to write harmful words behind the safety of a computer screen. I think this will be a practice for me for the rest of my life. And, knowing that yoga has brought me this far in my awareness of this world and  myself, it brings me hope that not all is lost.

We can choose kindness, or happiness, or compassion towards others. It is always a choice, no matter what transpires in our lives. I will always love the practice of yoga for what it has done for me, my body, my mind, my relationships and my soul. I will continue to share this beautiful practice with anyone who wants to listen with an open heart and open mind.

Let us all be open to love, wherever and however we receive it. Spread this. Spread love.


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