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Friday, September 11, 2015

To Post or Not to Post? That is the Question.....

I was asked the other day why I haven't posted on my blog lately. I, of course, shot out the regular excuses; tired from being pregnant, taking care of the house for selling, etc. etc. Later, I really started to think about why I had let this little piece of my social heart go to the waste side and I realized, it was my own insecurities.

Now, as so many of you know, when you choose to put private pieces of your life out into the social stratosphere, there will always be "haters". I absolutely knew this going into the process. I am not saying that I have received any hurtful responses to my posts, but I began to realize that when I put my authentic self out there for the world to see, my insecurities on how others would portray me sky rocketed. I began to care about what people may or may not think of each post, will they get it, will they judge me? I began to spiral down into the rabbit hole, listing off insecurity after insecurity on why NOT to post. 

One of my major set backs was the opinion of the Yoga community. The practice of Yoga is meant to be a sacred, personal journey, a practice that began thousands of years ago, and truly is a very special and important piece of my life. With the uproar of social media, Yoga has also began to ride that roller coaster of social media hierarchy. Instagram is full with beautiful yogi's and yogini's posing in theses elaborate challenging poses with such grace and ease. I absolutely believe the increase in the popularity of Yoga in western culture over the past several year is greatly due to the popularity of social media. I am not saying these posts are bad or shameful toward the practice of Yoga. Those that I follow, such as +Kerri Verna (Beachyogagirl)  and +KinoYoga are always inspiring and their words always coming from a place of love. And what I  began to realize was what stopped me from continuing to post on this blog was their opinion of me

Once I realized this, I immediately began to laugh at myself. Why am I trying to impress Instagram stars, who to be honest, will probably never read my posts or have one harsh thought toward anything I write AND if they did, why is that so important to me?! Why do I care? That doesn't change as a human being or would it define who I am. As long as I continue to come from a place of love, Ahimsa ( non violence), Satya ( truthfulness) and FUN, then why not post? Why not share? 

I write this post as a return to the blogger-sphere, unattached to the the fear of what others will think. I am committed to being a part of this social media world to spread love, happiness, kindness and truthfulness to all of those to choose to read it. I want to share my voice and I am committed to doing this for all of you and also, for myself. Make it easy, simple and fun. 


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