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Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY: Create a Country-Chic Wooden Wall for Next to Nothing

This is not my normal blog post, but I thought it would be fun to share with you all how I created an antique looking wooden wall at home for little cost. I definitely do not see myself as an "artsy" person, and DIY projects are normally very overwhelming to me. But, I wanted to create a country chic wooden looking wall in our new home so I did some research and here is how I did it. ( If I can do this, anyone can!)

Step One: Choose your space. 

I choose a smaller wall in my home to start. This is completely up to you! It all depends on how much you want to take on. 

Step Two: Measure your space. 

Make sure to take the measurements of your wall before you go to the store. Preparation is key!

Step Three: Purchase the goods.

I went to my locate Home Depot for the supplies. Here is a list of the supplies I purchased:
1. Fence wood ( I choose this type of wood due to its width (7 inches) and its cost ( 2.50 per slate). Others suggested palate wood, but I found these very hard to find or expensive). 
2. Wood stain ( up to you what type of stain you want, I liked the color of the wood I got, so I just bought a clear coat)
3. Nails
4. Hammer

Step Four: Stain or coat the wood. 

Create your work space and get ready to stain! Please remember to utilize your safety wear if you have it. I choose to use a clear coat, and again totally up to you and depends on what type of look you are going for. Follow the directions on the coating can. Let dry and remember, to have fun!

 Step Five: Measure and cut. 

Measure your wall and cut the wood appropriately. I wanted a more "country" look, so I cut the wood in different lengths. ( Ie, First slate was cut in two and the second slate cut in three, etc. ) I had my handy dandy husband to help me cut the wood safely.  Thanks hubby! 

Step Six: Nail and hammer. 

Next, take stained and cut wood and nail straight into the wall. We used two nails per piece, on either side. When you get to outlets, remember to cut the wood around it. This part is most tedious of the project. 

Step Seven: Enjoy.

Enjoy a beautifully created country chic wooden wall! Easy as 1, 2, 3 ....7! If you'd like to add some accent pieces to the wall, go for it. 


And that is it! Fun weekend project that brings such warmth and beauty to your space. Best part, the whole family can get involved. Have fun and always remember to choose happiness. 


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