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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Be yourself!

I had the pleasure and privilege to go to Kathryn Budig's all day intensive at Yoga Journal Conference in San francisco a couple days ago. She was an overall down to earth, energetic, knowledgable and beautiful soul who touched my inner yogini as no one else has done before. Her purpose is Aim True and she lectured about what this means to her and how we all my have different definitions of aim true in our lives. During her lecture, she spoke of this quote written on Oscar Wilde, " Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." I have heard this quote before, but in that moment, in that lecture, with her context, it really hit home with me. 

What a bold statement, " Be yourself". How many of us look into the mirror every day and think, " I am so happy to be who I am!" ( yes with the explanation point). For most of us, pretty rare. Normally it's the usually hum bug comments of, " I wish I had this," or " I wish this wasn't there," or " I would be so cool if I was this." Yet, wouldn't it be nice, to wake up, look yourself in the mirror and say," Hey the person I am right now is totally awesome! WOO!" The simple saying, be yourself, to really truly be the the person you are, right now. Forget the expectations, the status, the past and the future, if you truly can apprecaite yourself for who you are in this moment, what a beautiful way to live your life. 

Of course the contradiction exists of, we need to all improve ourselves and become better human beings for the developing world. I do agree that with time and knowledge, we do need to grow and develop, because that is one of the greatest essences of being a human, AND that does not mean you need to change the innate person that you are. We all have love, joy, happiness, kindness, beauty, light and truth within us. Though some of us may have been or are burdened by circumstance, at the end of the day, we all have a choice to be the best version of ourselves. Is this easy? Excuse my language but FUCK NO! Everyday is a battle we must face to make a choice or change our actions. And, we must choose to battle for ourselves.  

Think about it, everyone else is already taken. What I huge relief that is! You don't need to compare, or to be jealous, because everyone else is already taken. You are the only YOU on this planet, and will be the only you in our human existence. Our species may live for thousands of more years, and still, you will be the only you. So.... love yourself damn it! 

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