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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Top Five Fav Poses

I have always wanted to write a little post on my top five favorite poses. Of course those top five poses change on the daily, but as of TODAY these are my top five!

If you need a little energy boost in your day, try these few poses. Hold each pose for three to five full breaths and allow the magic to happen.

Downward Facing Dog 

If for some reason, I was only allowed to do one pose for the rest of my life, this would be the pose. It hits all of the tight and overused areas in my body. What I love most about this pose is it shows me how my body is progressing though my practice. For example, I can see my heels get closer to the ground each time I flow into it. Of course, my heels have never landed on the ground gracefully and I have accepted this as my pose. Remember, it isn't about your heels getting to the ground, its about their journey to the ground ( very poetic and of course applicable to life).

Things to focus on in this pose:
1. When you first enter this pose, do with bent knees and focus on lengthening through your spine by pushing your hips to the ceiling.
2. Heels don't have to touch the ground, they just have to aim for the ground.
3. Lengthen through your neck so your shoulders don't scrunch up.

Puppy Pose

Shoulder tight? Chest tight? Puppy pose is your pose. If you have a dog, this is a very familiar pose to you because dogs wake up their body with this pose. Let's take a lesson from our furry friends and include this pose into every practice, you will not regret it.

Things to focus on:
1. Hips stay above the knees please. 
2. Hands should be right outside shoulders
3. For more lengthening in the front body and neck, try to get your chin to the ground. 

Butterfly Pose

Simple, easy hip opener that is familiar to almost everybody. 

Things to focus on:
1. Do not scrunch your body forward by rounding through the spine. Keep spine long and then fold forward. 
2. If knees do not fall to the floor gracefully ( don't worry, mine rarely do), try by putting blocks or pillows under your knees to help RELAX your hips versus's forcing your knees to the ground. 

Forward Fold

Another simple pose to integrate into any practice, but please please please take care of your back while in this pose. 

Things to focus on:
1. DO NOT ROUND! When folding over, keep a long spine. I bend my knees to keep length in my spine ( as you can see in the photo). 
2. Focus on bringing your ribs to your thighs, helps to keep the length. 
3. It's about the journey. When I first started practicing yoga, I could not touch the ground, so please take care of your body and be patient. 

Supine Shoulder Twist

Yes, one of the best shoulder openers I practice. Love it and you will too! 

Things to focus on:
1. Start on your stomach and then roll into this pose. 
2. Keep your chin toward your chest, helps to not put tork on your neck. 
3. Be patient, the first time your go into this pose your shoulders are going to scream WTF! So slow and steady.

Hope you all enjoy!

Peace and Love


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